Green and Fortune

Green & Fortune Move Into New Home

New Office

This May, Green & Fortune made our biggest internal change in our 6-and-a-half year history by relocating to a new office space.

With a workspace that will comfortably fit Green & Fortune’s growing team, as well as it’s own meeting area, kitchen and informal social space, the new, custom built office is situated on Kings Place’s -1 level, and marks a serious investment for us. The new office will see the entire company – from chefs to the sales team to the operations team – seated together in one location, improving communication and decreasing a reliance on inter-company email.

The new office was built in partnership with MJ Ferguson.

Speaking about the move, Green & Fortune CEO John Nugent said: “I’m thrilled about the move, and very proud of the new space. To have the whole team together rather than scattered around the building will be very important to us. It marks a new era for Green & Fortune, and one I’m very excited to lead.”

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