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Green & Fortune In The Evening Standard

Royal Red Velvet small

The Green & Fortune Café appeared in the Evening Standard yesterday as part of a feature detailing food & drink-based celebrations surrounding Queen Elizabeth II becoming Britain’s longest reigning monarch.

The Green & Fortune Café is always looking for ways to make their cakes more exciting and offer a bit of fun for their customers and as a British café, this was the perfect occasion to celebrate!

To honour the Queen’s remarkable reign, our in-house baker Hayley Thompson decided to bake a ‘Royal Red Velvet’ cake as it’s the café’s longest-reigning cake; classic but luxurious and a real favourite amongst its regular customers.

The news follows The Green & Fortune Café’s launch of ‘Cakeaway’ – a bespoke takeaway cake service lead by Hayley, which allows customers to customize every detail of their cake for a special occasion or celebration.


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